What is Community Choreography?

May 26, 2010

Maybe you’ve noticed that Dilettante Dance in conjunction with The Starving Artist Collective are offering Community Choreography Workshops (click on Upcoming Events/Classes for a schedule of our classes!). Maybe you are interested in creative expression through movement or learning about creative process, but you think, “I’m not a dancer. I’m not a choreographer. This isn’t for me.” But, truthfully, this is exactly for you.

The Community Choreography Workshop is a safe and fun way to explore your creative process through movement. Techniques you learn in this workshop may help you solve problems in other disciplines beyond dance and you will create movement that we promise will surprise you. It’s a pretty exciting experience. In addition, Jessica Howard and myself (Cindi L’Abbe) are creating a new dance piece called EveryBody Dances (you might have noticed a page on this blog with that title…go ahead, click it!). This piece is an exploration of community through movement. Anyone can dance in the piece, no matter who they are or what their experience is AND Jessica and I are also inviting the community, anyone in the community to help create the dance. By participating in a Community Choreography Workshop, you become one of the choreographers of EveryBody Dances. Your voice becomes part of the choir.

Please do click on the page labeled EveryBody Dances to find other ways you can participate (there are more!). Without you this work doesn’t exist.

This week’s Community Choreography Workshop is on Wednesday May 26 at 8pm at The Starving Artist Collective, 10 West St. Keene NH. The workshop is $5.


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