Strings Attached: An Experiment in Connection

May 19, 8pm at TSA Collective
$5 donation

“…interaction should consist of bidirectional communication, and can have no predetermined outcome if the interactors are genuinely engaged in the exchange of information/experience.” Sita Popat

Strings Attached is an interactive performance choreographed and performed by Cindi L’Abbe. The piece explores the roles of audience, director and performer through modes of audience participation, choreographed structure and improvisation. Soundscore will be provided by Ian Logan and David Ross. The performance will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Laina Barakat.
The panel includes Cindi L’Abbe, Ian Logan (of Sisters and Brothers) and Cathy Nicoli (dance faculty at Keene State College).

What’s the point?
To allow audience members to “enter” a dance by interacting and directing the performance
To explore the concept of communication through a dance conversation using words and physical strings
To illustrate the connected-ness of human beings through invisible and visible threads
To create interactive art as a demonstration of the creative potential of audiences as well as performance, to democratize the dance

What are we talking about?
Interactive elements in performance art as methods of creating audience “connection”, relevance
Improvisation as conversation, performance as communication
The performing arts as an illustration of humanity


How’s Your Core?

May 16, 2010

If you want it to be strong and vital, then don’t forget to come to Core Conditioning on Tuesday May 18 at Sterling Studios with Jessica! This class incorporates elements of Pilates, dance and yoga for a total body workout.

Core Conditioning (Tuesdays May 18th-June 22nd 7:30-8:30pm)
$10 Drop in or Six Week Registration for $54
for more info please call Jess 603.560.097

Hi All,

We are so excited to begin teaching our dance  and core conditioning classes at Sterling Studio in Keene. Please click the Upcoming Classes/Events tab for a complete schedule and descriptions.

Each of us is working on developing a fun and effective class and we look forward to seeing you! Tell your friends—the ballet and dance (modern) classes are the only adult multi-level classes in town and Jessica’s core conditioning class is innovative and exciting, calling on her background in dance, pilates and yoga to create a complete workout.

Please join us!

Angie Muzzy and Jessica Howard presented work last Friday and Saturday nights at the Dance Complex in Cambridge. Their work was challenging and lovely and the audiences on both nights were positive in their response. Nice work ladies:)

Angie, Jess and Cindi have several upcoming performances. Come and see us in action:

DANCE FOR HAITI! Finally! Come and see (COMPLETE) The Language of Flowers by Jessica Leigh Howard!                                                                      HEBERTON HALL (next to the Keene Public Library), Keene New Hampshire (Friday May 14, 2010)- Dance for Haiti is a shared concert featuring three local Choreographers. Jessica Howard (Walpole, NH), Riley Ahern (Dublin, NH), and Angie Muzzy (Troy, NH) unite in an evening of dance for charity. The performers involved are students and alumni from Keene State College along with dancers from the Monadnock Performing Arts Academy. Fifty percent of the donations will support the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. Doors open at 7:30pm with a suggested donation of $5.

Strings Attached: an experiment in connection is an interactive dance performance followed by a panel discussion. The Starving Artist, May 19, 8pm. $5 suggested donation.  Choreographer/perfomer Cindi L’Abbe explores the roles of performer, audience and director in this improvisational piece. Your participation is welcome and required. The panel will discuss the role of interactivity and improvisation in the performing arts. Panel members include Cindi L’Abbe, Ian Logan (of Sisters and Brothers) and Cathy Nicoli.                                                                  For more info go to

Our Blog

April 16, 2010

Visit for dance reviews and blogs about creative process by Cindi L’Abbe one of the founding members of Dilettante Dance (NH).

Adult Dance Classes

April 16, 2010

Dilettante Dance will be presenting a new dance class series at Sterling Studios, Main St, Keene NH. For more information see our class schedule here.

Email us at if you’re interested.  These classes are for adults of all levels–modern dance, ballet and core conditioning.