A Sense of Place: Celebrating a Creative Community
6pm-7pm Art Show and Picnic
7:15pm Dance Concert Begins
9pm Contra-Dance with music by Alison Aldrich, Called by John Bolster

NOTE: This dance concert celebrates the space of the Robin Hood Park Amphitheater. The audience will need to travel throughout the space to see the dances. Please refer to your program, and follow the instructions of the ushers between pieces.

1. GPS (a work in progress)
Choreographed and conceived by Paula Aarons in collaboration with the dancers
Music: Albert Mathias, Einsturzende Neubauten
Performance: Paula Aarons, Gretchen Carmel, Noah Carmel, Aurora Corsano, Elle Gantt, Megan Geer, Amy Gershfield, Angelica Falcinelli, Mike Mattil, Val Snowdon, Emily Villeaneuve, Tasha Warshaw & Zoe Warshaw

2. Hide & Speak
Choreography: Angie Muzzy
Music: Mogwai, Belanescu Quartet
Performance: Jessica Howard, Ali McRae, Becky Midler & Nina Robinson-Poole

3. Excerpt from To Tell “a dandelion effect”
Choreography and Peformance: Becky Midler
Music: Ceilizemer,  Mary Hopkins

4. EveryBody Dances: A Community Dance Experience

“Humans, even nomadic ones, need a sense of home.  Home need not be one place or any place at all, but every home has two essential elements: a sense of community and, even more important, a history.” – Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss

Choreography: Jessica Howard, Cindi L’Abbe and dancers
Music: David Ross (samples: Set Fire to Flames, Dave Brubeck, voices and text: dancers)
Performance: Laina Barakat, Ali McRae, Angie Muzzy, Matthew Ragan, Lisa Rogers, Madeleine Sepe, Val Snowdon, Michael Soldati & Nic Tremblay
Set Design: Laina Barakat, Derek Crowe & Chris Engle

5. Dirt: this is my body
Choreography: Cindi L’Abbe
Text: Cindi L’Abbe & Carrie Kidd
Music: David Ross
Performance: Becky Midler & Hannah Whitley

6. Nothing Left but Love
By: Michael Soldati
Soundscore: Michael Soldati
“Nothing Left but Love” is a three part dance/theatre experience that explores the act of creative destruction through the loss of the Soldati family home, the grieving process and how to move beyond tragedy.
The audience is invited to take part in the second and third parts of this experience.
NOTE: The Performer may give you a hug.

7. 2.4 Time Enough
Choreography: Stephanie Ritchie Logan and dancers
Music: The Magnetic Fields
Performance: Cindi L’Abbe, Becky Midler & Val Snowdon